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Our Story

Imagine two brown mamas, living in the same neighborhood–having the same values, and reasons for choosing to homeschool their children, connecting as friends and co-educators in a homeschool pod, and becoming business partners. That’s our story!  We both dreamed of homeschooling our children and after we individually took the leap into doing it, we soon discovered that the number of African-American families homeschooling is growing.

We are mamas of color that wanted to create a business and a homeschool community for other mamas who look like us. We understand that not every mama shares the same reasons for why they decide to homeschool, regardless of the diversity of reasons, homeschooling is a commitment of time and energy that often falls heavily on the parent. The Melanin Mamas community is a space where mamas can engage, offer support, and feel a sense of belonging.

Meet Mary & Stephanie

Mary McManus


Stephanie Owens

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