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5. Gather Your Curriculum & Resources

Now that you've established your homeschooling method, you'll need to decide what your school days will look like.


How long is your school day? What time of day works best for your family (mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends)? What subjects will you teach?


Once you have chosen what subjects to teach, start researching curriculums or create your own resources based on your child's interests and needs.


The best approach to discovering what type of curriculum works for you is to be "committed to being uncommitted". It sounds strange to ask you to not commit to a curriculum, especially if it’s expensive, however, finding the right curriculum and learning materials is like trying on clothes: you may purchase the right grade-level content but, you may later discover it’s not the right fit for you and your child. 


You may also discover that the curriculum worked well for one grade/year but is no longer the right fit for the future.  The more open and amenable you are to the discovery phase in homeschooling–which includes making a pivot after you determine something isn’t working for you and/or your children- the more empowered you’ll feel.

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